What Millennial home buyers really want – it’s more modest than you think

Arlo & Jacob have surveyed millennials to find out what their dream home would look like and, while some of their sought after features may not be easy or cheap to add to a home about to hit the market, many of their top selling-points are surprisingly simple to incorporate when getting ready to sell.

The kitchen continues to be the heart of the home, with the focus being on creating an open and social space. However, making the practicalities of everyday life a little easier is becoming a bigger priority, with millennials keen to incorporate smart appliances and practical storage in their dream kitchen.

Here’s what millennials said were most important to have in their kitchen:

  • 44% want a kitchen island
  • 40% want smart appliances
  • 32% want a coffee machine
  • 30% want a white kitchen
  • 30% want an open plan kitchen/diner
  • 30% want patio doors
  • 25% want a pantry

So if you’re selling a home with an open plan kitchen complete with patio doors and an island, great! If not, don’t panic because a pot of white paint, a coffee machine and some smart appliances could add just as much appeal.

Again, when it comes to bedrooms, millennials are looking for solutions to everyday problems. Ensuites that calm the morning scramble for the family bathroom and walk-in wardrobes that negate the need for freestanding furniture and free up floor space are top of the list. But millennials also ranked some very simple design touches as top priorities.

Here’s what millennials said were most important to have in their bedroom:

  • 52% want an ensuite
  • 50% want a walk-in wardrobe
  • 27% want a white bedroom
  • 25% want a grey bedroom
  • 24% want a feature wall
  • 23% want throw pillows
  • 21% want a four-poster bed

If the home you’re selling doesn’t accommodate the creation of an ensuite or walk-in wardrobe, opt for a clean white or grey colour scheme with a well chosen feature wall. Add some throw pillows and consider bringing in a four-poster bed for a luxury feel and you’ll be ticking even more millennial boxes on a much smaller budget.

In the living room, priorities are much more budget-friendly for vendors. While open fires and bi-folding doors are sought after, the majority of millennial must-haves centre around design and easy entertainment.

Here’s what millennials said were most important to have in their living room:

  • 50% want a smart TV
  • 42% want a corner sofa
  • 36% want an open fire
  • 30% want a luxury rug
  • 30% want a white living room
  • 30% want folding doors onto the patio
  • 27% want a grey living room

Patio doors and open fires are expensive to install and aren’t always feasible with every house layout so if you’re looking to add as much millennial appeal to your living room as possible, focus on creating a social atmosphere by bringing in a corner sofa and smart TV. Top it off with white walls and a luxury rug for a touch of added chic and you’ll have ticked off the most important millennial must-haves.