REDROW’S The Green and Woodlands developments at Horsforth Vale haven’t just provided homes but contributed to £13.7 million invested in the community too.


After starting on site in 2015, Horsforth Vale is home to over 512 houses including 52 affordable units across the four different outlets (including The Limes and Abode) at a total finished value of circa £7 million.


Currently the Green offers a range of two, three and four-bedroom homes, whilst Woodlands offers three and four-bedroom homes all built from Redrow’s sought-after Heritage Collection.


Between them they’ve replaced two redundant brownfield sites, the Clariant Works and Riverside Mills, with quality housing and a raft of community benefits.


Highlighting the area’s ease of accessibility into nearby Leeds city centre, and to address sustainable travel for homebuyers, Redrow contributed £266,000 for the provision of MCards to home owners to ensure they can get to and from the city for free with the Metro Services. There is an allocation of £800 per home up to a maximum of 60% of the dwellings.


The housebuilder worked with Leeds City Council to develop a new half hourly bus route to connect home owners at Redrow’s Horsforth developments to the town, its railway station and local primary school. This was set up to be funded for 10 years. This contribution was a total of £1,760,000 alongside an infrastructure contribution of £33,000 that included two new bus stops with real time displays.


Steve Jackson, sales director for Redrow Homes (Yorkshire), explains: “Quite apart from replacing two redundant industrial sites, Horsforth Vale has blossomed into a vibrant new community, a place where people really want to live, and our contributions show just how invested we like to be in areas surrounding our developments. When we build new homes, we always ensure that we bring a number of benefits to the existing community.”


To encourage residents to be as active as possible, £100,000 was contributed to footpath and cycle path improvements both outside and within the developments, as well as £3.5 million to off-site highway improvements to Horsforth and Rodley roundabouts and the surrounding network.


Horsforth Vale also demonstrates Redrow’s commitment to creating ‘thriving communities’; attractive places to live with facilities and spaces that enable healthier lifestyles and a strong sense of community spirit. Locally this includes both formal and informal open spaces, sports facilities and a dedicated allotment scheme that Redrow contributed £215,000 towards.


Further contributions include £948,000 towards local education and two small retail units that were built within the development. They have been occupied since December 2017 by a convenience store and a beauty salon, with both businesses being run by people from the local area, and providing residents with additional facilities on their doorstep.


Both The Green and Woodlands are now in their final phases and due to be completed by summer 2020. To find out more about the remaining homes, including availability and prices, visit www.redrow.co.uk/thegreen or www.redrow.co.uk/woodlands


Horsforth Vale was featured in a ‘Keeping It Local’  video that showcased what has been done to ensure the new homes integrate and blend into the existing community as well as the local investment Redrow has made. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/Gj46yGnKWDw