Streamlining communications has reduced sales times, says leading estate agent

Midlands estate agency Nicol & Co claims the application of technology via mio has helped to streamline communications and reduce sales times.

The agency says using the app – which provides a picture of the property chain, with each milestone being checked off as it is completed – has helped staff to work more efficiently and reduced stress for consumers.

Keeping all parties in the loop

Matt Nicol, owner of Nicol & Co, says that arranging suitable times to speak with clients has been a challenge which has had an impact on sales times.

“Now we can keep everyone in the loop as each stage happens – they can simply look at the app when it’s convenient and see a real-time view of where we are in the sales process,” he says.

“We’ve even had someone on the team use it for her own home move and saw the benefits first hand.”

Reducing staff workload

In an age of increasing compliance obligations and paperwork, many agents’ sales progression workloads have become unmanageable, having a negative impact on transactions and client satisfaction.

Nicol says using the help of mio has reduced the pressure on his team and given them more time to spend on other means of generating income.

“mio updates clients, keeping everyone in the chain aligned and flagging up potential problems. At the touch of a button, everyone has all the information they need,” he explains.

Happy customers lead to referrals

As well as a range of positive benefits for staff, Nicol says streamlining communications through mio has led to impressive feedback from customers.

“It’s all about the customer experience, and now our clients are so much less stressed during the homebuying process because they always understand what is going on,” Nicol continues.

“If your clients are happy, they’ll come to you when they want to resell and recommend you to their friends. Building customer relations and feedback is all-important.”

Use of technology can grow market share

Nicol suggests that agents who embrace technology can grow market share and generate higher fees, even against a backdrop of an uncertain property market and political instability.

“Many businesses are still very traditional in the sense that they are still reluctant to make the most of new and developing IT and communication tools – unwilling to try something new.”

“We have set out to combine cutting edge tools with old school face-to-face customer service, blending the best of both worlds. In this way, we have been able to see the benefits in just eight months,” says Nicol.

You can find out more about mio here.