Commercial and Residential People outline pricing structure

International free-to-list property portals look back at 2019 and reveal how they make their money

Fast-growing property portal Residential People has revealed a mission statement, outlining why its free-to-list structure is viable and here to stay.

Launched in March 2019, the emerging property portal has already attracted nearly one million listings in under 12 months.

Bringing together properties from some of the leading names in real estate, including the likes of Avison Young, Keller Williams UK, Lovelle Estate and Stirling Ackroyd; both Commercial and Residential People have a unique selling point of being free-to-list, enabling agents to upload an unlimited amount of properties, completely free of charge, forever.

While there are other portals which market themselves as ‘free-to-list’, Residential People is the only one that values its agents, service providers and business brokers as a partner, rather than merely listing clients. As such, Residential People has a clear and concise mandate that listing as an agent will remain free.

A common question often asked of Residential People is how do we make our income? Unlike other property portals, we don’t generate income from listings, nor do we harvest and sell your data to the highest bidder.

Our income is generated through banner advertising, featured listings and various other marketing features that are completely optional value-added propositions.

Director Christopher May says: As highlighted in our Mission Statement below, at Residential People, unlike other property portals, our business model allows us to remain free as we generate income from both optional premium marketing tools, as well as offering regionally exclusive advertising to agents and service providers.”

One of Residential People’s biggest optional premium features is its online automatic video generator that allows subscribed agents to share their properties effortlessly.

Instead of giving agents more fees to consider, Residential People aims to facilitate the success of one of the most critical players in the property sector, the real estate agent. Residential People differentiates itself from its competitors by putting the needs of the agent front and centre.

“While agents who list on Rightmove are being charged over £1,000 per branch, and other portals charge a monthly fee – regardless of how many sales are made – agents on Residential People are able to receive and convert leads completely free, making joining the portal a win-win situation,” says May.

“As a progressive PropTech platform, we are always interested to hear the views of agents regarding the struggles they face in today’s market. Residential People was created with agents in mind, so we are more than happy to listen, collaborate and support agencies in order to build a strong platform to benefit the property sector,” he concludes.

2020 Mission Statement

Born from a simple, yet visionary, idea of creating a global, free-to-list property platform, Commercial People/Residential People aim to disrupt the status quo and facilitate the success of the most critical players in the property sector, the real estate agent.

Our unique selling point is that we are a free-to-list property portal that allows you to list an unlimited amount of properties, completely free of charge, indefinitely.

Unlike other property portals, our viable business model allows us to remain free as we generate income from both optional premium marketing tools AND exclusive advertising rights to agents and service providers within their local area.

In addition to free listings and increased online visibility, Commercial People and Residential People offer optional premium marketing features such as a groundbreaking real-time online video generator that allows agents to share their properties effortlessly. We also endeavour to promote our partners through our marketing channels via promotional interviews and comment pieces through industry-leading news platforms.

Along with the optional marketing suite, our customers can also gain exclusive marketing rights through localised banner advertising within their chosen area, helping them to stand out, and stay ahead of their competitors.

2019 At a Glance:

Residential People and its commercial property platform, Commercial People, have successfully managed to gain a foothold in the hugely competitive UK property sector.

Both platforms support a variety of data feeds including API, BLM and XML – and have also struck up partnerships with various customer relationship management (CRM) firms including the likes of Acquaint CRM, Alcium Software, 10ninety, Dezrez, Reapit, SME Professional and PropData, amongst several others – making it easier for agents to list their properties on the site(s).

Boasting a vast array of listings from over 5,000 agencies across the UK, UAE, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa, Commercial and Residential People are well on their way to becoming a pre-eminent name amongst disruptor portals.