Online Tool Reveals Falmouth to be the most Student-Friendly location for Property Rentals

If your offspring are looking for where to apply for uni this year, they may benefit from a new online tool which tells users what percentage of property listings in a chosen city allow student tenants. The tool, ‘Student Cities’ was created by the team at premier windows furnishing company, and allows users to see which cities are likely to have the most and least student renters.

The tool allows users to choose their chosen city, then presents them with an interactive map showing the percentage of property listings in the area that are available for students to rent. The tool also lets them see how their chosen location fares against the rest of the UK.

Using the tools quickly reveals that Falmouth has the highest amount of properties available for student lets, with a massive 77% of properties accepting student tenants, compared to just 1% of property rentals in the popular Midlands market town of Warwick.

As well as showing users the percentage of student-friendly properties in the area, the tool also displays the total population of the chosen city and the total number of students living there.

The cities with the highest percentage of properties available to students, are as follows:

  1. Falmouth – 77% (of properties are available to students)
  2. Leeds – 73%
  3. Canterbury – 72%
  4. Coventry – 71%
  5. Sheffield – 64%
  6. Cardiff – 64%
  7. Swansea – 63%
  8. Newcastle – 63%
  9. St Andrews – 55%
  10. Brighton – 55%

Conversely, the locations with the lowest percentage of properties available to students were as follows:

  1. Warwick – 1% (of properties are available to students)
  2. Stafford – 2%
  3. London – 5%
  4. York – 9%
  5. Gloucester – 14%
  6. Exeter – 16%
  7. Chichester – 16%
  8. Bradford – 19%
  9. Aberdeen – 20%
  10. Glasgow – 24%

The Student Cities tool can be found here: