Estate agents and property businesses seek innovative work-from-home systems

Estate agents and property businesses are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and business process automation as they look to operate remotely and coordinate their dispersed teams during the coronavirus crisis. As offices have closed around the UK and staff get used to working from home under strict Government guidelines, has seen a surge of interest in its advanced AI personal assistant.

“We have experienced a huge increase in activity with requests from customers and prospects seeking a better way to monitor, report on and analyse what staff are doing,” explains Offer Peylan, Head of Product at “We have already been asked to speed up deployment by two property businesses, with the roll-out of systems achieved in just six days that allow people to work from anywhere in the most efficient, productive and accurate manner possible. Other enquiries from concerned letting and sales agents have highlighted that significant gaps exist in many organisations’ ability to operate normally during these challenging times.”

Customers and prospects are working with Roby to quickly adapt their business processes, and because of the software’s subscription model, have the means to continue to refine working practices over time with unlimited changes and support. As a result, these businesses can go-live with a bespoke work-from-home system within days by either changing existing processes or implementing a brand-new process to adapt to the current working environment. The building block philosophy of the system accommodates these adjustments easily while allowing companies to quickly return to their original processes as the impact of the coronavirus abates.

Managers and business owners can quickly gain visibility over operational performance, with a real-time view of the status of all tasks as well as the activity of teams and individuals. This allows organisations to maintain productivity by better monitoring critical workflows, while supporting remote staff by simplifying, automating and digitising key processes. For example, the contract renewals process will be a key area of focus and income for many property businesses in the coming weeks, so Roby can ensure all communications, checks, paperwork and payment are handled electronically.

The bespoke reporting tool also enables workflows to be assessed and analysed to identify any issues and bottlenecks, so corrective action can be taken quickly and efficiently. By gaining added insight into working practices, managers and owners can target continuous improvement based on quantifiable data and real-world scenarios, which will be essential during this period of working from home and beyond.

“The coronavirus crisis has underlined the need for greater technology adoption within the property management marketplace, which has typically lagged behind other sectors in terms of system and process automation. There is a delicate balance to be found, so effective collaboration between technology and people can help overcome current and future challenges. This is why a growing number of estate agents and property businesses are realising that taking an innovative approach could be the difference between profit and loss, and ultimately it will be those early adopters that survive and achieve clear competitive advantage,” adds Peylan.

Roby is an advanced AI personal assistant that removes the complexities of day-to-day roles by performing many of the time-consuming, manual tasks that humans are unable to perform at the speed and scale required for efficient and effective consumer interactions. Built from the ground up, Roby is a truly autonomous software solution that requires little human manipulation and can execute seamlessly across all the different tasks involved in property management. Because Roby is continuously learning, it constantly reviews and analyses process to identify unknown issues and free-up valuable management time.