Property business boost productivity by over a third through intelligent process automation

The property sector has a huge opportunity to streamline business processes, dramatically improving productivity by more than a third, according to Using the company’s intelligent automation engine it is now possible to seamlessly execute routine tasks and eradicate laborious activities. This means estate agents and property businesses – operating within the commercial, residential, co-working, co-living, student accommodation and retail sectors –  can free-up and empower their staff to focus on the personal side of their roles to drive growth and increase profits.

“Roby is a sophisticated toolbox of automation for the property sector. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) personal assistant can automate as much as 65 per cent of a property company’s business processes from day one, with the potential to increase this to 85 per cent over time,” explains Tom Reiss, CEO of “By removing time-consuming and repetitive tasks, it is possible to fundamentally change the day-to-day role of staff and maximise their potential. We have already seen one of our customers double the number of properties it manages without the need to increase headcount, so there are huge opportunities.”

Roby can automate any business processes, which are divided into common workflows such as pre-tenancy paperwork, contract renewals, office reservations, maintenance requests, account reconciliation, credit control and retail enquiries. The complete software package is totally agnostic – working seamlessly with any existing system – and delivers bespoke workflow creation, so unlike other available solutions Roby is customised to the way its customers work and not the other way around. As a result, Roby can help businesses across the property sector on their individual process and automation requirements.

Many tasks can be accomplished far more quickly, accurately and efficiently using Roby than a person ever could. For example, it takes on average 12 minutes to register a tenant deposit, but Roby completes the same action in just 16 seconds, interacting seamlessly with major deposit protection schemes such as TDS and DPS. This is just one of the numerous improvements available, which is helping reduce pre-tenancy workload by typically increasing efficiency by over 60 per cent that could translate to hundreds of saved hours every month.

“Through advanced artificial intelligence (AI), adaptive learning and process automation, Roby is creating unparalleled levels of collaboration between technology and people to fundamentally change how the property sector operates. This is not simply about automating business processes, but also gaining added insight into working practices to target continuous improvement based on quantifiable data and real-world scenarios,” concludes Reiss.

Roby is an advanced AI personal assistant that removes the complexities of day-to-day roles by performing many of the time-consuming, manual tasks that humans are unable to perform at the speed and scale required for efficient and effective consumer interactions. Built from the ground up, Roby is a truly autonomous software solution that requires little human manipulation and can execute seamlessly across all the different tasks involved in property management. Because Roby is continuously learning, it constantly reviews and analyses process to identify unknown issues and free-up valuable management time.