OneDome and Nethouseprices generate three leads per minute for agents

The OneDome Group – which operates and – reports that its property websites now generate an average of three leads per minute for agents up from 1.7 leads per minute in January.

Issuing an update on its acquisition of Nethouseprices, the group reports over four million monthly page views across its property sites and over 1.37 million unique monthly visitors.

According to the OneDome Group, it has seen a significant growth in the number of agents joining in the last three months and particularly in the last few weeks as agents look to take advantage of value-adding, free alternatives to ‘pay-to-list’ portals.

“In tough times like these, it has become even more clear that the relationship between portals and agents is largely one-sided. No portals could exist without agents’ listings, but still agents are charged to provide their data and pay for the privilege of listing,” explains Babek Ismayil, Founder and CEO of OneDome.

“There are a number of alternatives for agents to list their stock for free, like our websites, Facebook Marketplace and others. Also, most other major digital marketing channels like Google PPC and social media advertising charge per click or per lead, instead of charging a fixed fee regardless of the outcome.”

“We are seeing early signs of increased competition in the portals space, too, with several free-to-list portals launched in the last few months and this is good for estate agents and the industry, as more competition will result in lower prices and a higher quality of service,” he says.

“We as a company welcome collaboration with any business that provides agents with extra exposure and/or a free service.”

The OneDome Group acquired Nethouseprices in summer 2019 and the businesses now have integrated teams and back office systems. – which launched in 2004 – will remain operational due to its strong brand awareness among consumers and estate agents.

OneDome is the only platform to guarantee UK agents with a 100-year free-to-list contract. The Group generates revenue by working with agents to facilitate home moves and offers an optional profit share agreement.

In response to the government’s lockdown measures, the OneDome Group recently launched a free update for its agents which allows consumers to request video viewings via platforms such as Zoom or Skype, and gives agents an option to keep their agency open for remote viewings during lockdown.

“As we continue to grow and provide more valuable services for free, we believe that more agents will join our platform. This will allow us to create a viable alternative to the major pay-to-list portals and agents will no longer have to pay to list their properties,” adds Ismayil.

Agents can view the B2B page for OneDome here.