Lockdown: Regional agency excels thanks to digital-first approach

Despite the current lockdown restrictions, Midlands estate agency Centrick has performed impressively in recent weeks thanks to its digital-first approach.

The agency’s positive results show that if agents invest in marketing and adapt their services accordingly, they can continue to engage with prospects and generate a steady number of leads.

Centrick reports that since lockdown restrictions were enforced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on March 23, it has edited and uploaded over 140 virtual viewings. All the viewings were filmed before lockdown restrictions were put in place and the agency says that it has since had the time to edit and release them.

The agency has also devised a contactless handover so that tenants can sign contracts digitally and collect keys without having to meet face-to-face.

“Despite lockdown restrictions prohibiting people from moving home unless it’s absolutely essential, we are still seeing leads pour in thanks to the marketing campaigns we have in place,” says Andy Butts, Group Sales and Lettings Director at Centrick.

“By providing services which allow consumers to engage with us while following social distancing rules – such as virtual viewings and instant online valuations – we have been able to find opportunities and keep the business ticking over.”

“Our team has been hugely creative and adaptable during this challenging period in which the property industry has had to undertake an unprecedented shift. We’ve developed our business model accordingly and believe new ways of operating in the future are already coming to the fore,” he adds.

The firm says its commitment to digital marketing has allowed it to continue generating leads, even though a large proportion of the market has been on hold for a number of weeks now.

For example, Centrick generated over 200 rental property leads over the Easter weekend alone. The agency has also continued to generate vendor and landlord leads through its ValPal instant online valuation tool.

Many of these leads have come directly from Facebook ad campaigns, while it has also been promoting its hugely successful virtual viewings across social media platforms.

“Centrick is a model agency. It is adapting to a challenging market and still managing to interact with consumers while adhering to the government’s lockdown rules,” says Craig Vile, Director of The ValPal Network.

“The agency’s results show that the market is still active and demonstrate why committing to digital marketing during this tricky period can be hugely beneficial.”

“Encouraging consumers to carry out instant online valuations of their properties can help agents to keep consumers engaged in the moving process now and fill their sales funnel so they can hit the ground running when the market becomes more active in the coming months,” says Vile.

You can find out more about The ValPal Network’s full suite of services here.