Agents urged to prepare for surge in virtual viewings continuing post-lockdown

The proliferation of virtual viewings of properties is likely to continue after lockdown measures are eased, according to the OneDome Group.

The group – which operates and – says that the coronavirus pandemic has allowed agents and consumers to see the potential of viewing properties remotely.

OneDome was the first property website in the UK to offer home movers the option to request a video viewing from an agent via a property listing. It says the innovation has been highly successful so far as people increasingly get to grips with the technology that facilitates virtual viewings.

Prospective buyers browsing properties on OneDome can request a video viewing of a property where they would usually request a traditional viewing. The request is then sent directly to the agent for them to confirm whether or not they can provide a virtual viewing.

The free-to-list portal has created a free downloadable guide for estate agents, which explains how to organise and set up virtual viewings and also how to make them a success.

The guide – which you can download here – also provides detailed instructions on how to set up a virtual viewing via Zoom, WhatsApp and Facebook Live.

“Due to the current lockdown restrictions, it’s important that agents are able to seamlessly execute virtual viewings. There is, though, a high chance these types of viewings will remain popular once lockdown is over,” explains Babek Ismayil, Founder and CEO of OneDome.

“For many properties, traditional in-person viewings will still be required. However, virtual viewings are very useful for prospective buyers who live far away from the property or those who want to get an initial feel of a home before deciding whether it is worth visiting.”

“Virtual viewings can therefore help agents to identify the most serious buyers and potentially contribute towards speeding up transactions,” he says.

“All agencies should now be preparing and training staff for the post-lockdown market – being able to continue to offer professional virtual viewings should be an important part of this process,” Ismayil concludes.

OneDome is the only platform to guarantee UK agents with a 100-year free-to-list contract. The Group generates revenue by working with agents to facilitate home moves and offers an optional profit share agreement.

Estate agents can find out more information about OneDome here.