Market surge: Portals generate highest ever number of leads in a single day

The surge in consumer activity encouraged by the government’s decision to reopen the property market on May 13 has resulted in the OneDome Group’s websites generating their highest ever number of leads for agents in a single day.

The group’s sites and are currently generating four leads per minute for all agents listing on the platforms. This is up from three leads per minute in March and 1.7 leads per minute in January.

According to the OneDome Group, it expects to generate 170,000-180,000 leads for agents in the next 30 days if the consumer activity experienced over the last few days continues. Pre-lockdown, the sites were generating 120,000 leads per month for agents.

Over the last 10 weeks, some 1,400 branches joined the free listings websites OneDome and Nethouseprices, with agency branches signing up at a daily rate of 20-50.

“The market has reopened earlier than we all expected, and I wish all estate agents the best of luck in these difficult market conditions as they begin returning to work,” says Babek Ismayil, Founder and CEO of OneDome.

“On a positive note, over the last 4-5 days, our traffic and customer engagement metrics have increased dramatically, indicating that consumers are also ready to restart their property journey.”

“To thank agents for all the support they’ve given us over the last few months, we are currently working on an exciting new initiative to help them, and their brand, engage even further with prospective buyers, sellers and renters on OneDome. Watch this space,” adds Ismayil.

OneDome is the only platform to guarantee UK agents with a 100-year free-to-list contract. The Group generates revenue by working with agents to facilitate home moves and offers an optional profit share agreement.

Estate agents can find out more information about OneDome here.