Apropos delivers for self-managing landlords 

Digital property management platform, apropos, provides a solution for self-managing landlords who have previously lost faith in letting agents and decided to go it alone.

Offering complete transparency at every stage of the process, apropos has been designed to transform the rental experience, enabling landlords to track and manage their property portfolio 24/7, whilst benefitting from end-to-end property management with a consistency of service excellence.

As evidenced by the National Landlords Association (NLA) ‘Q4 2019 Landlords Panel Survey’, the proportion of private landlords shunning letting agents in favour of letting and managing their own properties increased to 43%, up 7% from Q3 2019. This is further demonstrated by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s ‘English Private Landlord Survey 2018’ in which 52% of landlords stated that they did not use an agent, 34% used an agent for letting services, and only 9% using an agent for both letting and management services.’

David Alexander, joint managing director of apropos stated: “The findings of these surveys are an accurate reflection of the changing nature of the industry. Throughout the UK, there are over 10,000 letting agents who use the same old traditional business model, working on the basis of landlords handing over their property in order to maximise profits at all costs.

“Born out of a desire to set a new standard in property management, apropos is completely reinventing the process by offering a fair and reasonable property management service, to both landlords and tenants alike, whilst maximising income for landlords and providing transparency at every stage of the process.”

Earlier this year, there have been several new legislative measures that have come into play specific to the industry – from tenant fees to energy efficiency. New legislative measures often create uncertainty around what is and isn’t allowed across certain aspects of the industry, with added complications for self-managing landlords. Apropos is on hand to offer support throughout the process, whilst providing professional guidance to address any concerns caused by the introduction of new legislation, ensuring that landlords are protected and following all procedural guidelines.

Apropos enables landlords to track and manage their entire rental portfolio by monitoring all activity via an online dashboard that delivers complete visibility of all transactions. The dashboard is accessible 24/7 from their laptop, mobile device or desktop along with live notifications of all transactions as they happen.

Tenants can book viewings and provide feedback on the property, submit and track their full rental application online, pay their rent and book their check in date. In addition, they can report and monitor maintenance online during their tenancy. In many cases they can do all of this with no face to face contact, an increasingly important consideration during the current pandemic.

Apropos, the bespoke property management solution and the essential landlord resource for delivering better tenancies can be accessed at www.apropos.app.