Alexander James presents stunning new interiors at Almacantar’s Lyons Place

There’s no missing Almacantar’s striking new residences at Lyons Place in Maida Vale. Not only are contemporary townhouses a rarity in this part of London, but the giant red petrol pump art installation outside instantly signals that this is a development with a difference.

The 24 apartments and five three-storey townhouses, designed by famed architect and local resident Sir Terry Farrell, are located at the meeting point of Maida Vale, Little Venice and St John’s Wood. In designing and dressing the Lyons Place show homes, the multi award-winning interiors team at Alexander James Interiors wanted to reflect this rich local heritage. They did so through a mix of bold colour, striking statement pieces and locally sourced collectibles.

“We are thrilled to have worked in partnership with Almacantar on the prestigious Lyons Place, dressing both townhouse and apartments to represent the vision and character of the development. The elegance of the apartments, with their warm gold and bronze tones and rich layered textures, delivers a vision for life in one of the area’s most exciting developments. The townhouses, meanwhile, showcase family living that is packed with personality.”

Ben Axton, Show Home Sales Director, Alexander James Interiors

The stylish apartments at Lyons Place echo the bold statement made by the building itself. Texture and colour have been used to create a fascinating story as you move through the show apartment dressed by Alexander James. The master bedroom is home to serene wall coverings, while the coolness of the space is warmed by rich bronze. In the main reception room, blush pinks and warm whites interact playfully with daring mauves and dark crimsons. The kitchen and dining areas are a textural delight, from the marble table to the contrasting velvet chairs. From sculpted wood to artisan weaves, the layers of texture continue throughout the home.

The interior design of the Townhouse Collection show home is packed with a character, colour and form that both respects and complements the development’s eye-catching exterior. Personality abounds, as the design blends modern city living with local history and culture.

The townhouses have been designed to maximise views over the leafy Lyons Place, with living and dining spaces on the top floor. These open out onto at least one integrated terrace, with full height windows for maximum light. The window treatments deliver strong metallics and watery linens, with light voile curtains providing both privacy and elegance.

Texture-wise, the show home feels almost playful in its abundance of boucle woods, shortcut velvets, warm metals, marble and rich timber. These are elevated further by the clouds of texture in the upholstery fabrics of the main reception room, which include soft mohair, leather piping, wool fringing, textured weaves and silk jacquards.

“Delivering such a bold expression of personality through colour and texture at Lyons Place was a real joy. These are homes with a story to tell and relating that through the design meant considering every single element incredibly carefully. We’ve used deep, rich colours such as the olive of the dining room and hallways to represent Maida Vale’s leafy pathways, while balancing the cooler marble of the kitchen with the warmth of bronze and aged brass and the earthy gloss of highly glazed vintage ceramics. This has been a fascinating project from start to finish.”

Laura Leadbetter, Senior Interior Designer, Alexander James Interiors

The living areas are a delightful mix of contemporary lighting and fabrics with bold furnishings and handcrafted items. An exciting, multicoloured wall covering by Pop Art movement pioneer Roy Lichtenstein is enhanced by two handmade tubular lamps, while the coffee tables in the split living space provide a contemporary central statement piece for each area.

Vintage meets contemporary in any number of ways throughout the Townhouse Collection show home. On the lower floor, the bedrooms use a neutral palette to deliver a sense of calm, with light and dark used playfully to create a sense of indulgence and personality. The master bedroom, for example, features warm metals and aged glass, offset by the clean texture of a faux leather headboard with crisp piping. Velvets and ornate sateen fabrics adorn the bed, stools and chairs for a truly sumptuous experience.

“We wanted to weave connections to the arts, to literature and to artisan crafts throughout Lyons Place, from the bedrooms to the ground floor study. At the same time, the interior design vision was about creating a vibrancy and personality that would speak to those looking for such exciting, contemporary homes. The meant applying layers of colour and texture throughout the show home, with bold contrasts and crisp finishes.”

Laura Leadbetter, Senior Interior Designer, Alexander James Interiors

The result is an interior that stands up beautifully to the building’s quirky design. Through the elegant, highly modern design, Alexander James Interiors has taken the charm of a traditional townhouse and elevated it to something more, capturing both the essence of the local area and the nature of those looking to live there.

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