New book aims to help thousands of traditional estate agencies through next decade

The second business book for estate and letting agents from best-selling author and CEO of Iceberg Digital, Mark Burgess, is set to be released on Amazon in July.

‘The Estate Agency Revolution’ aims to help estate and letting agency owners revolutionise their businesses as the industry emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic. As the industry is set to encounter a period of unpredictability with potential new competitive threats, the book’s author argues that agents shouldn’t just reopen their businesses but reinvent them.

With a focus on how to become a digital and data-driven business, the new book shows agents how to make themselves vital in the changing landscape, providing tips on how to futureproof a business for the changes the next decade will bring.

Aimed at industry innovators, the book is for agents who want to understand what building a data-driven business like Apple, Google, Facebook or Amazon really means and how lessons from other sectors can be applied to the property industry.

Readers will learn about the importance of building meaningful and critical data inside a business, what that data looks like and what agents can do to ensure they are not superseded by technology.

The author, Mark Burgess, is a property and technology expert who speaks regularly at national and international events. Previously a judge for the annual Business Book Awards, he also hosts his own TV show on Sky called ‘Raising Your Game’.

Burgess’s insight and knowledge into the future of the property industry and what it will take in order for estate and letting agents to be successful as we embark upon a new decade has so far proven invaluable to thousands of companies.

His writing style is no-nonsense and easy-to-read, which will have agents gripped and provide them with an understanding of the new age of business that lies before us.

“I don’t think there are many or even any agents left out there that don’t feel the industry is about to change beyond recognition,” says Burgess.

“The good news is that my new book was written as a roadmap for that change based on how other industries have adapted over the last two decades.”

“Unfortunately, if you don’t reinvent the way your agency operates internally and adapt, you won’t have a business in a few years,” he adds.

The Estate Agency Revolution will be released on Amazon in July. Click here to receive updates on the release date.