Housing Hand acquires UK Guarantor website and secures partnership with Accommodation for Students

  • UK’s leading rent guarantor firm acquires the website of the country’s second largest service
  • Housing Hand has covered more than £646 million in rent since 2013
  • Accommodation for Students partnership to support students across UK

The COVID-19 lockdown has been an exceptionally busy time for the team at Housing Hand. The UK’s largest rent guarantor firm has just announced that it has acquired ukguarantor.com. Student Marketing Agency Ltd, who previously operated the website will no longer process guarantor applications but will continue to manage existing guarantor commitments and support Housing Hand in the smooth transition of new applicants.  The move means that Housing Hand will be taking over all of UK Guarantor’s new and renewal applications (previous matters will still be dealt with by Student Marketing Agency Ltd).

The new arrangements will build on the foundation that Housing Hand has already built. The company has helped and processed 87,764 applicants since 2013, working with more than 3,500 accommodation providers. The total rent covered in that time has topped £646 million.

We are delighted to have acquired the UK Guarantor website to serve even more tenants and students across the UK. Through this and the new partnership with Accommodation for Students, we will offer an enhanced, UK-wide service that enables individuals to rent the properties of their choice without needing to find thousands of pounds for a deposit.

Jeremy Robinson, Group Managing Director, Housing Hand

We’re living in unprecedented times and the need for guarantor services has never been more acute. We will be working closely with Housing Hand to ensure a smooth transition for new applicants. Housing Hand provide an invaluable resource for many of those who are already facing additional pressures in their lives.

Nick Emms, UK Guarantor

Housing Hand acts as a guarantor for students and other renters who otherwise would not have one. Housing Hand liaises with the potential landlord, letting agent or university in order to make the necessary arrangements. Renters who would otherwise be asked to stump up six to 12 months’ rent in advance are thus spared the difficulty of having to do so. The service costs from as little as £295, with payment by instalments also available.

In order to streamline the guarantor process, Housing Hand is built into many accommodation providers’ booking forms. This is where the new partnership with Accommodation for Students comes in. A property platform for students, Accommodation for Students acts as a referral partner for UK Guarantor – and now for Housing Hand. The arrangement means that students in need of a guarantor are provided with an established, trustworthy service that can enable them to access the accommodation they desire.

“As the UK’s number one student accommodation website, we are thrilled to be working in partnership with Housing Hand. Together, we aim to ensure that those studying at the UK’s world-renowned universities are able to access appropriate accommodation throughout their higher education.”

Simon Thompson, Managing Director, Accommodation for Students

Finding a way forward as part of the ‘new normal’ has seen many organisations innovate and form new alliances in order to adapt. Housing Hand has used the experience to take the next step in its history, enabling it to support the ongoing stability of the UK rental sector.


For more information please contact Housing Hand today on +44 (0) 207 205 2625 or visit https://www.housinghand.co.uk/