‘We’re all in it together!’ Burrough Court business hub welcomes tenants & their employees back to work

As of 1 August, it is up to employers to decide how their staff can work safely, including whether that means working remotely or coming into the office. So how are companies responding to the new guidance?

At the Burrough Court business hub, near Melton Mowbray in rural Leicestershire, the team believes that blending the right mindset with the right materials is key to creating COVID-secure premises for their tenant clients. Their aim throughout lockdown and heading into the new normal has been to empower those using their business units, office space and meeting rooms to feel safe and confident about doing so.

“Despite the lockdown I have continued to use Burrough Court as the place is quiet, spacious and I have always felt safe here. The team have managed the past few months incredibly well, maintaining a sense of calm and normality that has allowed me to crack on and focus on my business, which has been invaluable to me in these challenging times.”

Jim Overend, Managing Director, Gamechanger Consulting Ltd, tenant at Burrough Court

Nestled in 22 acres of peaceful woodland, Burrough Court is a hive of productivity. The family-run business park provides workspace for companies of all shapes and sizes. With the coronavirus pandemic reshaping how we work, the business is taking an active role in showcasing COVID-secure office premises, as demand for rural office hubs ramps up.

 “It’s clear that the working world isn’t going back to the way it was anytime soon. That presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Rural office locations like Burrough Court, which is easily accessible by car and has on-site wellness amenities, have a key role to play in providing productivity hubs for forward-thinking companies. As such, we need to be at the forefront of providing COVID-secure premises.”

 Fred Wilson, Director, Burrough Court

‘We’re all in it together’

‘We’re all in it together’ is at the core of Burrough Court’s messaging and approach. The on-site signage is one clear example of that approach. High-quality, professionally produced signs speak volumes about the level of seriousness required but are balanced through the use of friendly language and Burrough Court’s familiar colours and fonts. Essentially, the team has taken the government’s messaging and added some soul and personality to it.

“As a business owner involved first-hand with the installation and delivery of Covid-19 safe equipment across the UK, I’m really pleased to see Burrough Court implement a number of safe and friendly systems. Their approach is non-obtrusive and clear, from the installation of sanitiser stations to friendly signage. They are following government guidelines not just with professionalism but with outstanding aesthetics. This approach has made my staff and I feel very comfortable in the current climate. We feel safe and productive at work.”

Andy Galpin, Director, Motion Retail, tenant at Burrough Court

Physical changes to the site have also been implemented, from the creation of single person zones in bathroom and kitchen areas to the installation of hand sanitiser stations across the site. While individual offices are the responsibility of their tenants, the team has reworked communal areas to encourage social distancing of 1m+, for example by removing the central table and chairs in the internal breakout area known as the Den.

“I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to see a hand sanitiser station at each entrance to the building. It made the decision to return to the office less fraught. The availability of disinfectant wipes in the kitchen is also a great idea and I find myself wiping down surfaces and door handles religiously. I’m happy to see that the on-site coffee shop has reopened for takeaways and that the communal areas have all been redesigned to allow people to sit at a safe distance apart.”

Philip Tatham, Publisher, Monsoon Books, tenant at Burrough Court

Embracing the opportunities that the new normal provides has also seen the Burrough Court team work with one of their clients – a steel fabrication company – to produce the ‘corona hinge.’ Applied to every external door on site, the corona hinge prevents doors from closing fully, meaning that they can be opened hands-free.

“Becoming COVID-secure at Burrough Court has been about combining practical measures with personal touches.

We’ve given each of our tenants’ employees their own branded bottles of sanitiser, for example, as well as providing sanitising sprays and wipes in communal areas such as kitchens.

We’re also providing free ‘Zoom Rooms’ to clients who need additional space for video conferencing, which has become such an important part of enabling continued productivity.”

Fred Wilson, Director, Burrough Court

Burrough Court has also installed new, washable flooring in the on-site Pilates/yoga studio. And while the gym hasn’t reopened yet, clients can use loose weights and other portable equipment in the paddock outside. With woodland trails criss-crossing the site, there’s also plenty of scope for outdoor exercise.

The amount of space available to use means that everything from parking and bicycle storage to outdoor seating allows for social distancing. Being located in the Midlands, Burrough Court is well located for those looking for a rural office hub that can be accessed from all four corners of England with relative ease.

“Our enquiries now are definitely more focused around the benefits of rural office accommodation and ease of access by vehicle or even bike. In fact, we even signed up two new forward-thinking tenants in the middle of the lockdown. It’s up to all of us to help shape the new normal and to ensure that we create working environments that encourage reassurance and wellbeing as well as delivering security in the face of COVID.”

Fred Wilson, Director, Burrough Court

For more information, call 01664 454 690, email info@burroughcourt.com or visit www.burroughcourt.com.