Allerton Church Receives Moving in Gift From Redrow

Ben Blundell and Michael Baggott painting Cornerstone Church Liverpool’s new home with paint sourced with Redrow funding

NEEDING more space is a common reason for moving and after the congregation increased 10-fold in as many years, a South Liverpool church has upsized its premises.

Cornerstone Church Liverpool has relocated from the former Ramilies Road Chapel, on Ramilies Road, to the former Dovedale Baptist Church, on Dovedale Road, Allerton, to accommodate its growing congregation.

Having raised sufficient capital to purchase the building, Cornerstone appealed to Redrow for help with renovation and received a donation of £1,000 to purchase 225 litres of paint.

Operations director and fundraising coordinator Anna Wood explained: “Before Coronavirus meant we had to temporarily suspend meetings and move to online services, we’d seen a steady increase in attendance. Over the past 10 years we’ve gone from there being around 25 people at weekly meetings to 250 across two morning services, which meant we had to seek out alternative premises. Dovedale Baptist Church closed two years ago and the building was ideal for us, but it was in need of some TLC to bring it back to its former glory.

“We want to be active in the community and having a newly decorated, clean space will be vital in us being able to do just this. Thanks to Redrow we are able to redecorate the back hall space to make it more appealing for all of our activities for local people which include kids’ church meetings and toddler groups”

Redrow’s donation to Cornerstone Church Liverpool was via a £10,000 community fund shared between local groups and good causes. The voluntary fund is in addition to Redrow’s statutory obligations linked to the 100-home Allerton Gardens development, off Woolton Road, in Allerton.

Redrow area sales manager Elaine Mounsey said: “Outgrowing your home is a common reason for people wanting to move and so the funding request from Cornerstone Church Liverpool struck a chord with us. We were happy to be able to help them give their new home a lick of paint to provide a venue that has much wider potential for use by the local community.”

Cornerstone Church Liverpool is also fundraising for more extensive works to improve their new home, including replacing the roof of the main church building and repairing crumbling stone work and stained glass windows in the Grade II listed building.

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