Paolo Aliatis’ Tips to Starting a Property Business

Most people assume starting a property business requires huge financial backing. Paolo Aliatis knows, from his own experiences that this is a huge misconception. Some of the most successful property people Paolo has met started from zero; with no money. Property is a legal relationship between space and time, and although it is not a living breathing entity, it requires time and management.

The property market has its own supply chain like every other industry in the world. You have land owners, developers, estate agents, surveyors, building contractors, property managers and many different entities that inhabit the property ecosystem. This kind of structure always opens opportunities for people with skills and people that understand the industry to start on it.

Most people entering the property industry tend to start while being part of any of these links of the supply chain and escalating ranks to arrive at an understanding of the industry in creating the relevant context around it that eventually end up converting into their own deals.

The property industry is almost entirely based on making deals, something Paolo Aliatis has found out himself. The winners are the ones who find and negotiate the best deals, and once the best deals are achieved, finding investors, buyers, joint ventures or partners becomes easy. This allows the deal finder to operate within the property industry without its own capital.

Once success is achieved in this first deal, and profits are made, the person who did not have capital to invest, now has capital. A track record on successful deal making and contacts. As with the first deal, they should be able to achieve unlimited amounts of deals. The sky really is the limit.

Making your own deals in this industry means having the capability of identifying real opportunities and taking the necessary actions. It could be buy-to-rent, ‘buy-to-flip,’ rent-to-rent or development opportunities. A single street away can make the difference in a property deal.

There are properties that will give ample opportunities to make a profit out of them and there are properties that it would be very difficult to make any profit from them, unless you can buy them below the market price. The availability of properties below market price tends to be out of the market. Therefore, whenever you find a property on a property portal or website or on the open market, it may well be under market price but never forget, the asking price is one thing and the price it sells for is a whole different one. You can however, always make an offer.

In conclusion, the question people ask: “How can I start a successful property company?” is very broad one. The property industry has a lot of subsectors and a lot of different types of players in the ecosystem. Gian Paolo Aliatis, the businessman would advise anyone that wants to get into the property game, in any of the positions within the ecosystem, to choose a particular part of the ecosystem where they can excel in the market in order to specialise and begin to make your own deals.