Labtech Targets Intelligent Automation With Help From Roby.AI

LabTech, the leading provider of co-working space, serviced apartments, and omnichannel shopping experiences, has teamed up with to develop and implement intelligent process automation within its property business. The partnership will enable LabTech to explore innovative applications for Roby’s advanced AI personal assistant, which will target enhanced service delivery, while dramatically reducing administration and business costs.

“Our strategy is to drive added value that reaches far beyond bricks and mortar management across our London property portfolio, so technology sits at the heart of everything we do,” explains Itay Segal, Chief Technology Officer at LabTech London Limited. “Our aim is to build urban communities where people live, work, shop and play in a single ecosystem interconnected by technology, so we are working closely with IT and AI specialists such as Roby to make this vision a reality.”

Following a successful trial, the Roby software will initially be used at Camden Market to manage short-term licences for over 200 stalls that are typically rented on a daily or weekly basis. This time-intensive procedure has previously been handled manually using a paper-based system, which resulted in a lack of central transparency and a significant administrative burden for the on-site team. Roby will automate and streamline a range of tasks from reservations and approvals through to document management, payments and banking reconciliation, helping to gain complete visibility over the entire process.

Moving forward, LabTech intends to expand the use of Roby system to manage contracts, renewals and billing for 600 retail units at Camden Market, while also assisting with any ad hoc tasks. For example, following the easing of COVID19 restrictions, LabTech was able to use Roby to communicate changes to terms and conditions to around 800 merchants as well as coordinate the signing of updated paperwork.

“Because Roby is dynamic in nature, we can quickly adapt the software to handle new requirements, whether this is a one-off or recurring task. In fact, the speed that additional workflows can be designed, configured and implemented, factoring in all operational variables, is a huge advantage for us as we rapidly expand our business. This means we can also look at other applications for the software in other areas of the business,” continues Segal.

Tom Reiss, Chief Executive Office of commented: “Innovative and forward-thinking property businesses are recognising the need for greater technology adoption within the marketplace that achieve effective collaboration between technology and people. We are working closely with LabTech and other valued partners to help them take advantage of the huge opportunity that exists around AI-enabled intelligent business processes.”

Roby is an advanced PropTech solution that streamlines business processes. The all-purpose and bespoke automation software removes the complexities of day-to-day roles by performing many of the time-consuming, manual tasks that humans are unable to perform at the speed and scale required for efficient and effective consumer interactions. Built brick by brick by experts, Roby is truly autonomous solution that requires little human manipulation and can execute seamlessly across all the different tasks involved in property management. Because Roby is continuously learning, it constantly reviews and analyses process to identify unknown issues and free-up valuable management time.