Rental guarantor services “keeping up momentum” in private rented sector, reports Housing Hand

  • Guarantor services providing accommodation providers with more potential tenants
  • No-cost solution for landlords protects them against lost rental income
  • Guarantors helping to mitigate COVID’s impact on private rented sector

UK rental guarantor service Housing Hand has highlighted the importance of professional guarantors in keeping the private rented sector buoyant during the COVID-19 pandemic. The largest rent guarantor service in the UK, the company works with accommodation providers to deliver access to a wider pool of tenants.

By acting as a guarantor for working professionals and students, Housing Hand increases the number of renters available to accommodation providers, thus helping to keep the market buoyant, despite the financial uncertainties that currently abound.

Rental guarantor services help tenants to access the accommodation they want, but they are also hugely beneficial to the providers of that accommodation. They provide a degree of certainty, as landlords know that there is a professional service ready to step in should the tenant become unable to pay their rent. In these uncertain economic times, that knowledge can be very reassuring; it is keeping up momentum in the private housing sector.”

Terry Mason, Group Operations Director, Housing Hand

Housing Hand’s service, which is free for landlords and agents to use, can provide payment to an accommodation provider in the event that a tenant is unable to do so. The award-winning service also comprehensively covers damages and dilapidations. To date, Housing Hand has worked with over 3,500 accommodation providers and has covered more than £646 million in rent since 2013.

With a professional guarantor service in place, landlords are able to move forward with tenancies that may not otherwise have been viable, as they have the reassurance that they won’t end up out of pocket.

Housing Hand’s service is available to landlords, letting agents, universities and purpose-build student accommodation providers. In every case, the company works to provide access to a greater number of potential tenants.

“The rental sector is often quick to feel the impact of recessionary times. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented some unique economic challenges, which we will need to work together to overcome. Hopefully, by supporting the fluidity of the rental sector, we will help to mitigate at least some of the impact of the pandemic.”

Jeremy Robinson, Group Managing Director, Housing Hand


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