Home seller pet hates – Manners cost nothing, but they could help homebuyers secure a property for less

The latest research by estate agent comparison site, GetAgent.co.uk, has highlighted what not to do when viewing a property and how creating a good first impression could not only increase your chances of securing a purchase, but it could also help you do so for a lower price.

GetAgent.co.uk asked UK home sellers if they were more likely to accept an offer if the prospective buyer made a good first impression during the viewing process.

For 72% of sellers, a good first impression was an important influence on who they would sell to. 20% stated they would be more likely to sell to a buyer who formed a good first impression when viewing, with a further 52% stating the same unless there was another considerably higher offer submitted.

For 28%, however, a sale is just a sale and the relationship formed with a buyer when viewing has no influence on their decision of who to sell to.

GetAgent also asked if sellers would be more likely to accept a lower offer from a buyer who made a good first impression. This time, 64% answered no, remaining more financially driven during this decision making process.

However, forming a good first impression could save you money on your purchase in 36% of cases. 6% would flat out accept a lower offer from their preferred buyer with a further 30% stating they would unless it was a considerably lower offer.

So how can you maximise your chances?

GetAgent also asked just what it is that sellers are most likely to be annoyed about when someone comes to view their home. Here’s what not to do.

The biggest pet hate amongst UK home sellers is when a prospective buyer makes negative comments about the house, their children or their pets within earshot of them. This ranked as the easiest way to rub a seller up the wrong way with 28% of sellers stating it was their biggest pet hate when hosting viewings.

A buyer not practising Covid safe measures while in the property itself understandably peeved off 24% of house sellers. Poor punctuality rubbed 16% of sellers up the wrong way, with them stating that a buyer arriving too early or late for a viewing was the biggest annoyance.

Other bad manners such as sitting on furniture or entering a room without permission (15%) and failing to remove unclean shoes or clothing when entering the property (12%) could also scupper your chances of securing a purchase as a buyer.

Founder and CEO of GetAgent.co.uk, Colby Short, commented:

“Many potential buyers are naively of the opinion that submitting the highest offer will secure them a property but the reality is often different. A seller will generally consider a wider range of factors such as whether they are a cash buyer, are they in a lengthy chain and how will it impact their own desired timeframe.

However, it’s also important to remember that sellers are normal people and so if you don’t form a good impression, they may well decide to go with a buyer that does, even if it means a potentially lower sold price.

You have to remember that although they’re selling up, you’re entering what has probably been their home for a good number of years. They will have formed a strong emotional attachment to the property and it’s almost a passing of the torch in this respect, so they’ll want to pass it to someone who will love their home as they have.

Of course, you might find their kids annoying or not share their love of dogs or bright orange paint, but these aren’t thoughts you need to share out loud while in their home. They also have lives to live so sticking to the time you requested to view is a basic courtesy and, particularly at the moment, ensuring you take care with Covid protocols should go without saying.”