New training academy helps agents to improve their digital viewing skills

With the use of digital viewings set to continue long after the pandemic, Holofy Spaces has launched a free academy for estate and letting agents.

The academy from the video tours platform provides agents with guidance on the basic dos and don’ts of video tours, all the way through to becoming a digital viewings expert.

“When digital viewings are created and carried out to a high standard, they can save agents a serious amount of time and money,” says Eduard Cristea, co-founder of Holofy Spaces.

“With more agents creating video tours than ever before, the launch of our academy provides free guidance on how they can use the technology to its maximum potential.”

“The academy is split into three easy-to-digest modules: digital viewings basic, digital viewings advanced and digital viewings expert,” he says.

How to approach digital viewings

Agents filming video tours of properties need to make sure they prepare the property effectively as well as themselves. Key preparations include clearing the space before filming, turning on lights and making sure the phone’s camera lens is clean and the microphone is unobstructed.

Holofy Spaces says agents should also plan what they are going to say and try not to speak too quickly so applicants don’t feel rushed.

“When it comes to filming, agents need to make sure the first five seconds are as engaging as possible by starting the video with a visually pleasing view,” Cristea explains.

“They also need to pan slowly, make sure they are at a distance of at least two metres when filming the overall layout of a room and remember to capture the smaller details.”

The basic viewings module also provides agents with guidance on how to film a ‘hero video’ – a shopfront 15-30 second preview video which packs the biggest punch.

Meanwhile, agents using the academy can follow a step-by-step process on how to film a two-minute video tour of a property.

The value of transparency

The academy’s second module – ‘digital viewings advanced’ – provides agents with the tools they need to build trust and improve their chances of completing transactions sight unseen.

Agents can build trust with applicants by adopting the role of a ‘proxy critic’, discussing potential dealbreakers and bridging the gap between representation and reality.

Describing what a property feels like can help remote viewers to feel like they are present in the property. This can be achieved using the senses to explain what you can see, smell, hear and touch while walking around the home.

“As they would be on an in-person viewing, agents need to be honest with remote viewers, highlighting disadvantages as well as advantages. Providing feedback from current owners or tenants also helps to build trust,” Cristea explains.

The second module also sets out how agents can impress viewers by drawing attention to rare attributes and showing them the street outside the property.

“The rapidly increasing quality of digital viewings means it’s no longer just about showing the space, but telling a story and allowing the viewer to position themselves living in the property,” adds Cristea.

Leaving a lasting impression

With applicants likely to be undertaking a high number of digital viewings, it’s important that agents set themselves apart by leaving a lasting impression.

Although a digital viewing is not a physical meeting, first impressions still count and can generate word-of-mouth recommendations.

“Agents who humanise themselves while presenting video tours can build trust with viewers and will be forgiven for any imperfections,” says Cristea.

“If your personality shines through and you can match an applicant’s lifestyle during a viewing, your chances of success are that much higher.”

He adds that filming in third-person view so the audience can put a face to the voice is essential, while voicing opinions and suggestions can also add authenticity.

The final module ‘digital viewings expert’ also provides agents with advice on how to film current owner or tenant testimonials about a property to show to applicants, as well as how to use Holofy Spaces effectively.

Holofy Spaces is a new app which makes it easier for estate and letting agents to film video tours of properties and instantly embed them in property portal and website listings.

Using the app, which seamlessly integrates with existing technology, agents can create video tours in 20 minutes which are then instantly available for sharing and embedding.

There is also the ability for agents to edit tours in-app before publishing them, as well as providing comprehensive analytics of each video tour to help agencies monitor listing and team performance.

You can visit the free academy here or book a demo and free consultation here.