Market surge: OneDome hits record volume of users to its sites

OneDome, the biggest challenger portal in terms of traffic and leads, sees a surge in consumer activity since the beginning of 2021.

Two property listing websites managed by the Group have seen visits growing to 2.7Mil per month (a record for the company). The Group also reports that the forward looking numbers are even better as they are currently recording about 100,000 daily users searching for properties.

“It’s been a great start of the year as our numbers of traffic and users are higher than expectation. We see record volume of traffic of buyers and tenants searching on our websites. We are yet to see if this surge in customers searching for properties and requesting viewings will result in more transactions later this year, but the interest from property hunters is strong,” said Babek Ismayil, Founder and CEO of OneDome.

“Despite all the negative impacts of the pandemic, households have been saving far more than average and we predict that some of these savings will be channelled to the property market,” added Ismayil.

Earlier this month, OneDome announced that they signed up Barratt Developments Plc, the largest housebuilder in the UK who lists all their properties on OneDome.

Last year, OneDome revealed a range of high-profile agencies listing on its websites, including Andrews Property Group, Arun Estates, Coopers Residential, Hunters, Martyn Gerrard, Michael Jones, Robinson Michael & Jackson, Winkworth and many more.

OneDome is the only platform to guarantee UK agents with a 100-year free-to-list contract. OneDome is Facebook Marketplace listing partner, offering all the agents to list their properties on the World’s largest social network’s marketplace at no cost.

Estate agents can find out more information about OneDome here.