Groundbreaking Tiny Home Factory set to Go Live Soon

As enthusiasm for the tiny homes market continues, the first ever Boxabl factory in Las Vegas is about to go live in a few short months, with a ground-breaking progress that will forever change the housing industry.

Boxabl’s unique ‘Casita’ container homes have seen a rush of orders, and come complete with a stylish interior, packed with tech and stunning looks to boot.

However, the exciting news is that these homes are compatible with automobile style factory mass production.  By using a product been engineered to build almost every building type in almost every country on the planet,  Boxabl has the potential to disrupt a massive and outdated trillion dollar building construction market, starting with the rapidly growing USA Accessory Dwelling Unit market.



Boxabl’s first 170,000 square foot facility is quickly filling up with materials, heavy equipment, new office space, as well as 15+ full-time employees and counting. Priority number one is the first order for the United States Federal Government, a total of 156 “Casita” houses are set to be made in a few short months.

“It feels great to be moving into a new space where we are about to change history for an entire industry,” said Paolo Tirimani, Boxabl’s CEO. “You can almost feel the electric in the air as we are prepping to start fulfill this first order, it’s really quite amazing.”

However Boxabl is looking forward to not only fulfilling this order, but also getting started on the 30,000+ reservations the company has around the globe – and 2,000 of those orders with deposits paid on them, at least one in every state, are of utmost importance.

With a reservation list growing by the hour, the company is set for worldwide expansion and is seeking Franchisee partners worldwide, who will play a strategic role in making sure orders are fulfilled.

Possible Franchisee partners are encouraged to go to the Boxabl website and fill out the forum under the Partner tab.