Top 4 Costs Self-Builds Don’t Factor In

We all plan to buy a site or a building to renovate and construct our dream house. However, a self-build project has a lot of expenses associated with it. There’s no denying that getting things done under a realistic budget is a daunting task. None of us wants to pay more than is necessary for the project. But sometimes, we get so immersed in saving little pennies that we forget spending on the essential things.

Therefore, we have pitched in a few expenses that are not to be avoided at any cost. Whether you have already bought the site or in the process of buying it, make sure you factor the below-mentioned points.

Legal Fees

Most people avoid one of the most critical steps in the self-build process- legal fees. Your whole plan can drown if the site is not approved through lawful means. These legal fees comprise elements such as land registry charges and local searches. Besides, successfully paying all costs will prevent you from all obstacles that occur while building the property.

Also, it is advised not to make the full payment of the site unless the council approves of it. Furthermore, if it doesn’t permit, you can buy via an option agreement or conditional contract basis that will delay your final purchase.

Skip Hire

Surprising fact- the construction and demolition waste constitute almost half of the total waste produced in the UK. Since hundreds of tons of waste enter self-build skips in Nottingham alone with considering the waste generated during construction projects, it’s not surprising that one will be on your list of expenses. If you think you can manage to dispose of a lot of the waste on your own, you are wrong.

This way, you might cut on the cost but might add a lot of hassles to your already hectic schedule. Therefore, make sure that you plan it accordingly so that you do not have a lot of money to pay at the end of the day.

Bringing in a Surveyor

People think that not using a professional surveyor will save them some money, but the truth is, it will help you accomplish the milestone in less time and money. Sometimes, it’s not possible for you to determine all costs and expenses that construction includes. In fact, not even an architect knows about it. This is where it is essential to pitch in a surveyor.

He will guide you through and help investigate the final build sum. Without a surveyor, the small jobs too can end up costing a large sum.


Building a house is not a small-scale project, and you do need a professional by your side. Maybe you have the perfect design and plotting, but without consulting an architect, you might end up in a troublesome state.

Architects can add value and help you through the planning process, eventually saving you a lot of money in time. However, you have to decide the whole construction budget from the very start. This way, you will know which architect to hire.