Revealed: The Greenest And Most Affordable English Regions

  • New analysis has revealed the top English regions where homebuyers can get the most green space for their money. 

  • The South West offers the best value for money – properties in the greenest areas are £45,696 less than the region’s average house price.

  • Londoners can expect to pay £35,023 more than the regional average of £496,066 for more green space – the worst value for money in the country.

New research has revealed the regions that offer the best value for money for those looking to live near green space – and it’s bad news for Londoners.

On average, towns and cities in England have access to parks, public gardens and playing fields totalling 346,330m² – the equivalent of almost 65 football pitches. The research, conducted by sliding door wardrobe company Spaceslide, looked at the places that offer more green space than this, and the impact it has on property prices.

The South West came out top. Property prices in areas offering above average green space are £45,696 below the region’s average of £282,388

Second is Yorkshire & The Humber. Here, areas with above average green space boast property prices that are typically £20,545 under the regional average of £182,907

In third place, homebuyers in the North West can enjoy maximum green space for £16,393 less than the regional average of £183,727.

Londoners can expect the worst value for money. To be close to green areas in the capital, homes typically cost £29,000 more than the region’s average house price of £496,066. 

The other two regions that offer the worst overall value for money are the East of England and the South East.

Homes near the biggest green spaces in the East of England may cost you  £32,540 more than the regional average (£310,912) and in the South East, you can expect to pay £29,035 over the regional average of £341,007.

Best Value For Money Locations Per Region
Region & Average Price Location Total Green Space Size House Price Price Difference From Regional Average
East Midlands 


Nottingham 515,899m² £162,962 -£52,084
East Of England


Peterborough 1,322,092m² £196,132 -£114,780
Barking and Dagenham 732,463m² £317,947 -£178,119
North East


South Tyneside 464,516m² £138,200 -£2,954
North West


Liverpool 602,929m² £148,324 -£35,403
South East


Hastings 1,042,400m² £220,643 -£120,364
South West


Gloucester 409,695m² £213,428 -£68,960
West Midlands


Cannock Chase 1,624,117m² £185,945 -£31,005
Yorkshire & The Humber


Barnsley 364,673m² £141,634 -£41,273

When comparing the top regional locations, Cannock Chase in the West Midlands offers the best overall value for money. The district promises 1,624,117m² of green space, the same as 304 football pitches, yet homes are typically £31,005 under the regional average asking price of £216,950

While lockdown is hopefully coming to an end, the last year has led homebuyers to reassess how valuable it is to have nature nearby. Colin Lewis, CEO at Avant Homes explains how what we look for in a property has now changed: 

“Spending so much time at home during lockdown has led many people to see the flaws in their own property, triggering a surge in people looking to move. 

This shift in homebuyer priorities has increased the value of homes that have access to outdoors spaces, from private gardens to public parks, as the desire to move away from built-up locations to greener areas grows.”