Here are the top five reasons your home needs bi-fold doors

Homeowners looking to add value to properties can look to advice from home improvement experts when deciding on whether to go for bi-fold doors.

Having spent the past year cooped up at home with the only regular outing in the form of a daily walk, it’s no wonder 64% of UK residents now say they wouldn’t buy a home if it didn’t have any outside space.*

It is important to consider ways of enhancing inside space with elements of the outside, as not only does it add value to homes, but it also improves well-being, with studies showing that exposure to natural light increases vitamin D levels, which promotes sleep and boosts mood.**

From increasing the aesthetic value of a home, to enhancing the energy efficiency of properties – bi-fold doors offer the perfect solution, seamlessly merging the outdoors with the interior of properties, providing homeowners with copious other benefits.

John Evans, managing director at Stormclad, said: “There’s no question that bi-fold doors are a popular home improvement option – and there are a multitude of reasons for this. They are a worthwhile addition to enhance your home, from the natural light that they let in, to their energy efficiency and the way that they aesthetically bring the outdoors in to your home – improving air circulation, and promoting mental wellbeing.”

The specialists at Stormclad are accredited suppliers of bi-fold doors, ensuring they’re always constructed using the very latest technology for maximum results. Here, they have outlined the top reasons as to why properties would benefit from this upgrade; improving homes for now and in the future.

Here are the reasons you need bi-fold doors:

Natural lighting

Bi-fold doors take advantage of the sun’s exposure, allowing homes to be flooded with an abundance of light, and a comfortable, breathable space to be created. In addition to creating a connection to the outside world. Furthermore, the sunlight also increases serotonin levels, which helps improve individuals sleeping pattern and focus. So ultimately, it is key to improving psychological well-being.**


Believe it or not, despite being made up of nearly all glass, bi-fold doors are highly secure and durable. Thanks to their long-standing aluminium design, a unique and advanced eight-point multi-point locking system, and toughened glass, it is guaranteed bi-fold doors will keep any unwanted visitors at bay.

Energy efficient

The aluminum properties of bi-fold doors provide energy efficient qualities, regardless of what month it is. From reducing the amount of heat lost, to ensuring drafts can’t enter the home easily, properties will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round, whilst helping homeowners save on those energy bills.

With 57% of UK residents admitting they want to be more eco-friendly in 2021, bi-fold doors can be taken as one of the first steps in creating an eco-friendly home.*

Adding aesthetic value

Bi-fold doors can drastically enhance the aesthetic value of homes, helping to boost the overall kerb appeal of properties, and it has been estimated by experts that bi-fold doors can add around 5-10% to the resale valuation of a property.*** Whether homeowners are looking to sell up or are wanting to stay in their properties, they will be getting more for their money in the long run.

Improve the view

From stargazing at night to soaking up the sun in the day – views from the inside of homes will be drastically improved with the addition of bi-fold doors, creating the perfect spot to appreciate all the delights of the outside world as the seasons tick by.

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