Unique Algorithm for Office Space Rental Prices Launched by Flexas.com


One of the leading digital platform helping businesses find office spaces across Europe, Flexas.com, has launched the first algorithm in the market that provides a real indication of the price per office listed on its platform.

A standout feature of this dynamic function is the ability to calculate prices based on team size and availability. When searching for an office space, visitors to the Flexas.com website can choose their desired team size, and the function will automatically adjust the prices generating an accurate estimation of the monthly rental cost.

“Our tech team developed an advanced algorithm that provides accurate prices for office spaces, based on 10 years of our own data and market knowledge. We believe this will make the office space market more transparent.” highlighted Marcel de Groot, CEO of Flexas.com.

With the launch of prices, Flexas.com is once again demonstrating its commitment to providing innovative solutions and continuing to disrupt the office space market. On top of Flexas.com’s ongoing international expansion and growing market expertise, this new algorithm is the latest addition to the company’s tools and services aimed at making their clients’ office search as seamless as possible.

For more information about Flexas.com, please visit the company’s website and for more information about the new pricing algorithm please read “How Flexas.com’s pricing works” at https://www.flexas.com/blog/how-flexascom-pricing-works.
Flexas.com, is a leading digital platform for searching for office space across Europe. Flexas.com helps thousands of companies per year in their search for their next office space using a personalised serviced combined with market expertise. Their brokers provide independent professional advice and the service is completely free of charge for tenants.
Flexas.com has two offices, one in Amsterdam and one in Paris and from these offices native regional experts serve the European continent.
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