Stoford helps Stafford students to lay foundations for a career in construction

Leading commercial property developer, Stoford, has given almost 100 Staffordshire schoolchildren a taste of what it takes to forge a future career in the construction industry.

The developer partnered with King Edward VI High School in Highlands to deliver two hosted activity days at AccXel, the UK’s first industry-led construction school, based in Cinderford, Gloucestershire.

Year 10 students were offered an introduction to the construction industry through a series of fun activities, including the opportunity to take part in a JCB simulator challenge and drive dumper trucks around a virtual construction site.

They were also able to access cutting-edge drones and surveying instruments to view topography and measure site levels, setting out points within a building site using GPS.

Teams were tasked with applying what they’d learnt about laying foundations and material strengths, to design and build a mock bridge capable of transporting people.

Jo Russell, Planning Director at Stoford said: “The future of our construction industry relies on the development of talented young people like those at King Edward VI High School. There are so many opportunities available, from groundworks to site management, and we wanted to showcase the sector to those students who are currently considering their career options.

“AccXel is an industry-led training and apprenticeship provider that was founded to tackle skills shortages in construction. It is skilled in providing practical hands-on activities that really excite and engage young people and was the perfect venue for these events.”

Debra Tickell and Michelle Mee, Career Leaders at King Edward VI High School Stafford, said: “The Year 10 visit to the AccXel has been excellent exposure to the varied opportunities and pathways open to young people in their post 16 academic career pathways.

Stoford and AccXel clearly show the passion that industry has to work with the education sector and develop our country’s future. The school has been presented with a huge opportunity to work with Stoford and AccXel and we look forward to collaborations with the two companies in the future.”

Natalie King, AccXel’s COO and Vice Principal said: “It is a pleasure to host a year group from King Edward VI High School. At AccXel our mission is to inspire the next generation of construction talent into our industry by feeding students with knowledge of the wealth of opportunities in our sector.

“If we inspire even one pupil to change preconceptions or open their mind to a construction career, we are realising our purpose of supporting people to construct the future.”

Stoford recently completed the construction of a £93m state-of-the-art fulfilment centre at Stafford North Business Park near the M6 and the A34, on behalf of the UK’s leading pet care business, Pets at Home.