Housebuilder’s Armed Forces Programme Empowers Veterans for a Bright Future in Berkshire

A trainee assistant site manager is building a path to success within the construction industry having joined David Wilson Homes through its Armed Forces Transition Programme.

The programme offers ex-servicepeople a valuable opportunity to transition into the construction industry and advance their careers.

Through the scheme, participants receive comprehensive experience, training, and unwavering support to embark on a rewarding path in site management.

Paul Faneye, who works on the homebuilder’s now-sold-out Newbury Racecourse development in Newbury, supports the site team to maintain a HBF five-star rated customer service by co-ordinating the trades, ordering materials, and delivering regular health and safety checks.

Since joining the developer in January 2022, Paul has been enjoying all the perks that the industry has to offer while developing valuable skills through the programme, which helps to ensure bright and promising futures for those making the transition.

Following his successful integration into the housebuilding industry, Paul has highlighted how the scheme can facilitate a smooth transition for people seeking a fulfilling career beyond their military service.

He said: “With my background in architecture and having worked in construction and the Royal Engineers – that is what attracted me joining the housebuilding industry.

“It’s been a very fantastic opportunity to transition from the military environment into the civilian world which I have enjoyed from the start.

“The people I have worked with have made it a great experience so far, and I have been very fortunate to be mapped around the most lovely and experienced people who do not compromise on quality.”

DWHS - SGB-22134 - Paul Faneye at Newbury Racecourse.jpg

Paul enlisted into the British Army in 2013, where he worked as part of the Specialist Team Royal Engineer as Senior Design Personnel.

During his time in the Forces, Paul worked on various construction projects, providing essential combat support and engineer capability in the British Army in the UK and overseas both in peacetime and on operations.

His role involved producing technical drawings used by the Military Construction Force and supporting other complex technical projects.

He received an Operational Medal in Afghanistan and concluded his time in the Forces in 2021 at 170 Infrastructure Support, a Royal Engineers base in Nottingham, where he was opportune to deploy on various operations around the world.

Paul said: “Working for a five-star housebuilder, who else could be better to learn the trade? My role has helped me develop both professionally and personally.

“David Wilson Homes is a great place to work as the team encourages career progression, provides employees with the support they require and there are opportunities to navigate other routes in the business.

“The wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained from the team towards my development and to further my career has been excellent.

“It feels like a great achievement to see the variety of houses built from foundation to completion, and also seeing the smiling faces on customers while handing over their keys to their new home. Another key achievement of mine so far is majorly contributing in my quota towards helping to bridge the gap in the housing deficit in the UK.”

Paul is encouraging Armed Forces personnel who are contemplating a career change to consider the construction industry as a viable and rewarding option.

He said: “My advice to servicepeople in the Armed Forces who are looking to pursue a new career is never to hesitate to give the construction or housebuilding industry a consideration, especially by exploring the opportunity offered to transition by David Wilson Homes.

“Construction site management is a good fit for ex-service personnel as a lot of transferable skills are handy in order to get a quick grip of the terrain. Being organised is key and the ability to communicate with different stakeholders is very important across various trades.”

To learn more about the career opportunities available, visit the website at Barratt Careers.

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