Commercial Property Takeover – Shout About Extend Worthwhile Use Scheme to Maximise Cashflow

Just a month after launching their “worthwhile use” property scheme, progressive creative events agency, Shout About, announce new commercial appointments and their commitment to bring a fresh revenue stream to asset managers and landlords throughout the city.

Rather than contribute another empty building to the London Skyline, most recently conscientious landlord Landid has engaged with Shout About to activate its Tower Bridge Court property for events through their “worthwhile use” program.

A new addition to the London agency, Tower Bridge Court comprises 68,000 sq ft of former office space set to undergo a major development this October. As part of the agreement, from now thru to September 30th 2019, Shout About will engage with charitable initiatives and support the local community by providing premium event space at the site, as well as professional operational support.

This was a great opportunity for us to support the local community, offering a large scale, premium, yet affordable event space to charities and social enterprise organisations.” – Ben Gamble, Head of Agency, Shout About.

Witnessing a slowdown in property development throughout the city, as scores of commercial property investors take stock of the current market, Shout About set up their “worthwhile use” scheme to bring much needed cashflow to developers, all the while seeking new and unused potential event space that they could present to their clients.

“We have a real passion for reactivating forgotten/unused spaces and turning them into a thriving hub of engagement. For our landlords, it’s about maximising revenue and PR, whilst minimising disruption. For our clients, it’s about giving their brand something, that makes them look ‘in-the-know’ and helps them stand out amongst their competitors!” – Ben Gamble – Head of Agency, Shout About.

Back in July the creative events agency contracted Sun Street, a short-term premium raw site in Zone 1 between Old Street and Liverpool Street stations. Currently undergoing development, the site offers 30,000 square foot of untapped event space, comprising 6 interlinking former townhouses over 5 floors. Staying true to the agency’s ideology of finding unique venues for their list of corporate and consumer clients, Shout About secured an exclusive private hire of the site for the duration of the project term.

With extensive experience in operating large scale ‘shell and core’ venues and event sites, Shout About are able to fulfil expectations, bringing substantial revenues to landlords by activating “worthwhile use” sites for events. Specialising in taking forgotten locations that may be waiting to be redeveloped or even demolished, Shout About are able to generate income, as well as national press attention, through numerous experiential activities.

“By the end of 2019, we expect to have 10 properties in our portfolio, growing exponentially over the next two years to amass “worthwhile use” sites all over the UK” – Ben Gamble, Head of Agency, Shout About.

Not only revenue drivers, Shout About provide all creative production along with building infrastructure to transform a property into a ‘visitor ready’ event space.

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