Reduce portal costs – OneDome offers free access to millions of monthly visits

Agents listing across OneDome Group websites – and – generated 120,000 free leads last month, it has been revealed.

The figure is equivalent to an average of 20 leads per month per branch for agencies advertising on both websites. In the meantime, agents utilising OneDome’s full offering received an average of 103 leads per branch in February, which is on a par with other major portals. The OneDome portal is the only platform to guarantee UK agents with a 100-year free-to-list contract.

OneDome is a Facebook Marketplace listing partner too, meaning that any agent listing with OneDome will be able to automatically list on Facebook Marketplace at no additional cost. Facebook Marketplace benefits from more than 800 million monthly visitors globally. A recent Zoopla’s State of the Property Nation survey suggests that 12% of home movers started their property search on Facebook – a 50% increase from just one year ago.

The group reports that over 300 new agency branches signed up to its platform in the last 30 days, where new listers can promote their properties across two websites at the same time, growing their total exposure by millions of visits.

The OneDome Group generates revenue by working with estate agents to facilitate a home move for consumers. The arrangement is built around an optional agreement with estate agents, allowing them to generate revenue by using OneDome’s full platform, rather than paying for listings as they do with other portals. The profit share agreement is optional for agents and isn’t mandatory to appear on their free property search.

“Marketing costs have been increasing at an exponential rate for estate agents in the last 10 years, whereas margins have been squeezed, leaving agents in a difficult situation. We aim to provide agents with an alternative marketing channel that not only provides them with free leads, but also a potential opportunity to generate more revenue. We believe more and more agents will join our platform and together, we will build a viable free-to-list alternative to the two major ‘Pay-to-list’ portals”, says Babek Ismayil, Founder and CEO of OneDome.

“Our B2B strategy is simple and focused on a two-stage ‘Land & Expand’ principle. We aim to sign up agents to our no-obligation, contractually guaranteed free-to-list portal services and once agents feel comfortable with our service, we want them to work actively with us on improving the transactional journey, which generates additional revenue for agents and helps customers with their homebuying experience.”

“Our incentives are 100% aligned with agents, we want them to transact as quickly as possible,” he added.