62% of people want to move to France for a healthier lifestyle, reveals latest research

Property Guides have recently conducted research around why people across the globe are aspiring to own a new home in France.

The company surveyed 2,200 participants to find out the main reasons why France is becoming such a desirable destinations for expats and what in particular these house buyers are looking for. In the UK alone, search volumes for ‘property for sale in France’ has almost doubled in June 2020 compared to June 2019.

The survey revealed:

  • 81% of participants are looking to buy a property in France.
  • Aside from Covid-19, 43% of participants stated their main concern about buying in France was Brexit.
  • The median price people are willing to pay to live in France is around £170,000 (compared to £135k in Spain). While 36% would pay over £200,000 compared to 21% in Spain.
  • 67% of participants want to buy a property in France for a new adventure, 66% want a happy retirement, 62% want a healthier lifestyle and 52% are eager due to affordable property.
  • One of the main reasons why France is so attractive to Brits is down to it’s easy access via ferry or car, 55% would make most trips this way as this is the most eco-friendly option. 

Property Guides have created the below graphic to display their findings:

Christopher Nye, Senior Content Editor at Property Guides said:

“Since 2004, Property Guides has provided trusted advice and resources for British people buying their dream home overseas.”

“Our 2020 survey, conducted at the height of the lockdown, gathered an incredible 2,200 responses from property buyers looking for homes in France.”

“The survey revealed that despite Covid-19 and Brexit, Brits still want that dream home abroad, and many want it NOW! More than one in three buyers want to complete within 6 months.

“What makes people looking for property in France different from buyers in Spain is how they’re willing to spend £35,000 more on a property.

“They know where they want to buy. Nearly 1 in 4 want to buy in the same corner of France.

“It’s also a great option for the eco-conscious. For 1 in 3 buyers, being able to get to France without flying was very important in their choice of country.”