Agents can film virtual tours and embed in portal listings with new app

A new app is making it easier for estate and letting agents to film virtual tours of properties and instantly embed them in property portal and website listings.

Holofy Spaces was launched after the spring lockdown when its founders noticed a gap in the market for an app which allows agents to film virtual tours more easily from their smartphones.

It also provides agents with the option to instantly upload virtual tours to their own websites, property portals and other marketing platforms.

Simple technology which maximises results

The app helps agents to film vertical tours on their smartphones when visiting properties they are marketing.

Using Holofy Spaces, agents can create virtual tours in 20 minutes which are then instantly available for sharing and embedding. There is also the ability for agents to edit tours in-app before publishing them.

Filming vertically means there is minimal editing required so tours can be uploaded and shared very quickly. Vertical videos are also ready-made for platforms such as Instagram, which is becoming an increasingly influential marketing tool for estate and letting agents.

Holofy Spaces seamlessly integrates with agents’ existing technology and boasts a powerful API which connects with CRMs.

“Our app provides estate and letting agents with a more effective and simple alternative to existing virtual tours software. Filming virtual tours can now become as easy and natural as filming an Instagram Story,” says Eduard Cristea, Co-Founder of Holofy.

“In the short period since we have launched, agents working with us are benefiting from higher conversion rates and a competitive advantage. They are able to qualify applicants much quicker and this has resulted in deals being concluded sight unseen, particularly in the lettings market.”

Streamlining virtual tours in the new normal

Holofy is an international company based in London. It is already working with firms in the capital, as well as agents operating across Scotland, Wales and the Cotswolds.

“During the first spring lockdown was the moment when all agents realised they needed to offer virtual tours. Now, during the second lockdown, is when they need to streamline their filming, editing and uploading process to maximise their time and investment,” says Cristea.

“Even pre-pandemic, many prospective buyers and tenants were filming vertical videos of properties during viewings to share with others and act as a future reminder. Now, with the number of in-person viewings unlikely to return to previous levels, an app like ours enables agents to provide consumers with the footage they require in a professional and seamless manner.”

He adds that Holofy Spaces aims to reduce the stress and effort associated with virtual tours, while at the same time reducing the time agents spend on in-person viewings.

Deep analytics to monitor listing and team performance

The app provides agents with comprehensive analytics of each video tour. Each tour is given a performance score based on how many viewings it has received and how many days it has taken to be sold or let.

Meanwhile, live data shows the level of interest in each property based on the total average engagement time. Agents can also get into the mind of applicants by seeing how long consumers spend looking at certain parts of the property and which features are the most popular.

“Our deep analytics help agents to improve the quality of their listings, while at the same time provide vendors and landlords with real-time updates on how their property is performing and what is most popular with applicants,” Cristea explains.

Agents can also use the analytics to objectively evaluate each listing and subsequently the role staff have played in its performance.

“Agency owners can use our data to analyse team members’ average closing rates and transition times, giving them the opportunity to reward top performers and allow other staff members to learn from the best examples,” he concludes.

You can find out more about Holofy Spaces here.