Homeowners and those searching for their next property can look to these five simple considerations for finding and achieving a happy home to ensure a richer quality of living.

As many of us are spending more time at home than ever, it’s important that your home works to enhance and complement your living habits and routines, rather than leaving you feeling restricted by a lack of space or inadequate, uncomfortable places to work, study or relax.

From interior décor and quality of fixtures to scope for improvement, the property experts at North Sands Developments have shared their top ingredients for creating a happy home that suits all of your needs.

Director at North Sands Developments, James Hartley, said: “Whether you’re a homeowner, or you are new to the property market searching for the right house, creating a home that works for you, your family and your living habits is an important step in ensuring it’s a place you feel at your most content and comfortable.

“In these uncertain times, many of us have found ourselves spending more and more time indoors – so it almost goes without saying that your home should enrich your daily routine, and these considerations touch upon the importance of ensuring a happy home includes spaces to accommodate remote working and offer supreme comfort.

“At North Sands Developments, we design homes with futures and families in mind, and it’s crucial to consider your own needs, as well as that of any family members, when searching for a home or choosing to update an existing property.”

Here are five considerations for a happy home:

1. Natural light

One of the easiest ways you can enhance your surroundings is to ensure plenty of natural daylight enters the rooms in your house. If you’re spending time working from home this year, setting up a comfortable, bright and airy office will give you a dedicated space to concentrate throughout the day – and opening any blinds and curtains to let the light in can aid in helping you stay focused. Consider installing a sky light window into the ceiling of an upstairs home office, as this is a great way to let light flood in – it can make a huge difference to a room and is a desirable feature that will likely add value to your home. Downstairs, sliding or patio doors can transform a kitchen, dining room or living room, allowing natural light to stream into the home, often making rooms appear larger and more spacious, as well as providing you with views of the garden or patio beyond, connecting you closer to nature.

2. Open plan living

There are many benefits to open plan living – not least the multi-functional space it gives you. Whether you have a family, live with a partner or by yourself, an open plan dining, living and kitchen space provides versatility and flexibility in spades, improving the overall flow of your home and allowing you to make the best use of space. A luxurious L-shaped sofa, a small breakfast bar, a reading corner by a window or a cosy armchair in front of the fireplace – there are so many ideas you can introduce into your home to give it that added charm and cosiness that makes the space truly your own. It may seem like a daunting task, but creating open plan space is not too difficult and may simply involve knocking down an existing wall between a living room and kitchen or dining room. Do your research and hire a professional to assess the work required – providing that a wall can be knocked down, it is a relatively straight forward job for an experienced tradesperson that could cost less than you might expect.

3. High spec tech

To keep your home running smoothly, it’s important to choose quality appliances and electronics to improve your quality of living. Spending a little extra money on a quality appliance will ensure it lasts longer and performs better in the long run – it’s a small difference, but the ease and convenience of it will help to boost your overall enjoyment of being at home. Smart technology – such as lighting, heating, speakers, even a coffee machine – are also a good way to give your home added sense of efficiency and style that is designed to work around your living patterns.

4. Add your own personality

One of the simplest ways to create a happy home is to stamp your mark on it – choose striking artwork and accessories that you love to add your personality to each room, particularly those where you spend most of your time. From sentimental trinkets and photographs to bold, colourful art prints – the introduction of these accessories will brighten up any room, making it feel extra homely with plenty of character.

5. Extension space

Whether you own a home already or are searching for a new one, considering the potential for an extension could be an excellent way to get any extra space you need, making your home work better for you and ultimately transforming your house into a happier home that works for everyone. Increasing the space in your home with an extension can be a great investment for your family, and is another option to consider rather than moving to a larger house and paying stamp duty.