Five fixtures and fittings you shouldn’t live without

Homeowners looking to upgrade their abodes this year can look to suggestions from property experts for must-have fixtures and fittings to add convenience and luxury to homes.

From smart and handy devices to reliable and quality appliances, the experts at North Sands Developments have compiled their list of recommendations for ways to improve and upgrade your home for the future.

As many of us are staying indoors – working from home, looking after our loved ones and home-schooling our children, it’s no surprise that there has been an increase in the number of people wishing to make improvements to their home, to ensure it’s a comfortable and relaxing place to live.

Upgrading fixtures and fittings will not only optimise living but also add value to your property if you are looking to sell in the future.

James Hartley, director at North Sands Developments, said: “Last year saw all of us adjust to spending more time at home than ever before. Consequently, our daily routines and working patterns are changing and we find ourselves seeking ways to make these new habits more comfortable, enjoyable and beneficial to our lifestyle.

“The team at North Sands Developments have more than a decade of experience in creating homes for families and young professionals and all properties are designed to suit all lifestyles, providing space, plenty of natural light and quality fittings throughout to optimise happy and healthy living.

“With that in mind, we have compiled this list of fixtures and fittings you shouldn’t live without to improve your home.”

Here is the list of five fixtures and fittings you shouldn’t live without:

  1. Smart technology

Smart technology for the home has seen a huge increase in demand over recent years, as the scope of devices available continues to expand with more innovative and creative options.

From smart doorbells to wireless speakers, virtual assistant artificial intelligence (AI), and light and heating controls, there are plenty of devices available on the market to kit out your home with the latest and best tech on offer.

For added peace of mind, installing home security cameras are a good option to keep your property safe. Having an outside view of callers at the front door will allow you to see who it is without opening the door – particularly useful during lockdown, and many devices also let you speak to the person via an intercom system, so you can turn them away if necessary.

Smart heating and lighting are also a great upgrade for your home, allowing you to control the lights and temperature from your smartphone via an app. Whether you’re out of the house and want to come back to a warm and cosy home, or feel like having a lie in and don’t want to get out of bed, having the power to switch the heating on from your phone can really increase your comfort.

  1. Reliable internet connection

Working from home has forced many of us to make some major adjustments to our routines, and has exposed the fact that our internet connection may not be up to the task! A reliable internet connection is vital for home working, and for enjoying your favourite streaming service with the rest of the family, so it is worth investing in fibre broadband if possible.

It is easy to check online whether fibre broadband is available in your area, and the process of having it installed and hardwired throughout the home is straightforward – it is worth looking into so that you can always stay connected.

  1. Underfloor heating

As winter is now well and truly here, investing in underfloor heating is one home improvement that can have a huge impact on your living space. Often more efficient and effective than a traditional boiler, it can provide you with savings in the long-term and is a cosy and luxurious treat for your feet.

  1. Quality kitchen appliances

More time spent indoors and the closure of our local restaurants and cafes means we are utilising our kitchen space more frequently. It is therefore worthwhile fitting out your kitchen with quality appliances that are going to last and prove reliable with prolonged usage – this includes plenty of cupboard storage space to ensure you always have supplies at hand.

For a taste of something different, consider installing an instant hot water tap so that you always have boiling water on hand for those much-needed teas and coffees. Alternatively, why not choose a coffee machine that will keep you going throughout the day with your favourite blends?

Having a large American-style fridge freezer will also ensure you can stay stocked up with your preferred ingredients, and many designs come with built-in ice and filtered water machines – perfect for cocktail hour and the warmer summer months.

  1. Windows and doors for natural light

Improving your property with quality double glazing is a great investment that instantly transforms your home and provides long-term performance and cost savings.

Choosing to install new windows and doors throughout your home will help to regulate the temperature in your home, keeping the heat in during winter and remaining cool during the summer, so you can save on energy bills and enjoy ambient temperatures all year round. There will be a dramatic difference in the level of outside noise from nearby roads and traffic too, making your house a peaceful and quiet haven.

It will also go a long way in increasing the amount of natural light that your home lets in – a key factor in our mental wellbeing, helping us to stay productive and positive as we stay at home. To maximise the daylight in your house, consider installing patio or bi-fold doors that look out onto your outside space, or a skylight window in the ceiling – an increasingly popular option that allows light to flood in from above.