SYR Studio: The Best Microblading Services London Wide

SYR Studio ( offers beauty aesthetic services that enhance one’s beauty. They offer microblading London wide together with other services like microneedling facials, lashes extensions and infills. The beauty studio uses professional tools and techniques learned from the no. 1 makeup training academy in the UK.

This clinic makes sure that their customers will only receive excellent services with results that can make the customers satisfied and more confident about their appearance. Most people get intimidated and anxious about microblading especially since the outcome of undergoing microblading lasts up to 18 months, but SYR Studio guarantees that customers will get the perfect brows they dream of.

SYR Studio has one of the most competitive prices in all of London. Customers can achieve perfectly shaped brows that look full and natural at a price of only £320 (Prices are subject to change without prior notice). This already includes the 6-week top up of the clients. Also, the £50 deposit for the treatment is non-refundable in case of customers suddenly cancelling their appointments.

Before undergoing microblading procedures, a patch test must be conducted. This is to make sure that the dyes which will be imprinted on the skin will not cause allergic reactions or contact dermatitis. The microblading patch test will be conducted during the initial consultation. Customers must also inform the beauty technician about any allergies they have, medications they’re currently taking and if they recently took vaccination shots. Customers who had already tried microblading before must send photos for the technician to first assess their conditions.

Microneedling facials for collagen boosts are also available in SYR Studio. With just a price of £170 (prices are subject to change without prior notice), customers will go through a 1-hour-and-15-minute treatment for the face and neck. Same with microblading, customers must first inform the technician about any allergies, vaccinations or medications they recently have. Customers who want to reschedule their appointments must notify the staff 48 hours beforehand.

To know more about the different aesthetic beauty services they provide, interested parties can visit their website at